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The Rowan Group is the trading name of David Charles Rowan, encompassing advanced personal development training in both Astrology and Modern Applied Psychology.

Formed at the onset of the 21st Century, the Rowan Group aims to constellate the most efficacious techniques, tools and strategies of Modern Applied Psychology and Spirituality. The intention of the Rowan Group is to explore, master, teach and apply the tools that enable people to initiate deep inner healing, resolve painful issues, participate in adventures of success and loving and enjoy becoming that which they glimpse in their most perfect moments.

Practitioners trained under the Rowan Group are obliged to follow an ethical code of conduct that is prerequisite for their continued membership. A directory of Practitioners of both Astrology and Modern Applied Psychology can be found on the Rowan Group of Practitioners pages.

While it is virtually impossible to master every pathway available to humanity in one lifetime, a decision has been made to focus on a selection of systems that yield tangible success for those in need of assistance. Some of these systems appeal to the right brain and others to the left. The realms of both Mythos and Logos, of Spirit, Mind, Emotion and Body are invoked to lead the way to inner peace and harmony. If all that we are springs outward from within ourselves then this approach takes you beyond coaching and into the Spirit of deep enduring healing and a joyful zest for life.

Under its boughs of gathered wisdom are the two main branches: