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Subscribers have access to a range of features on the site which are not available to non-subscribers, in addition to all the free content on the site. Situated on a page called the Hidden World, in the Pluto area of the site, subscribers have full access to the university papers and in-depth articles and papers written by David Rowan. These articles are also listed in their relative areas of interest, such as Astrology, Modern Applied Psychology, Esoteric Philosophy and Paganism, and login details are requested when they are selected by the reader. Subscribers may also be offered discounts on services and have the opportunity to book placements on the Stonehenge special access and sacred landscape tours and experience the inner circle of Stonehenge at Sunset and Starlight or by Moonlight .

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In addition to access to papers, articles and booking placements on Stonehenge special access and Sacred Landscape tours, you will receive a free personal Astrological Birth Chart. If you wish to receive your birth chart, please write to Astrology@davidrowan.co.uk, giving your time, date and place of birth.