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Feeback & Testimonials




Presentation Skills in business


'I was most impressed at how quickly my presentation skills were significantly improved.'

Richard Canham HR Director, J&H Marsh and McLennan





Negotiation Skills in business


'The course in Advanced Skills in Negotiation is such an essential part of a negotiator's training.'

David Ward - National Education Officer CWU





GSCE Physics Exam: pass at grade A


I brought my daughter to see David Charles Rowan before her G.C.S.E. exams. This was her first exam and she was taking Physics a year early. She was nervous and had no confidence whatsoever.She was really panicking

David spent some time with her and a 15year old is not usually responsive to help! David developed a great rapport, speaking in her language and immediately understanding her. He used some wonderful N.L.P techniques and she left with 3 C.Ds which she played at various times during her revision. We didn't really know how this would help but went along with it. My daughters attitude was' what have I got to loose, I 'll do it anyway'

She went off on the school bus to the exam looking remarkably calm and collected and still had no idea as to the effect of her revision

Last week she received her results. She was predicted a c grade and a lot of her friends A 's and B's

She got a grade A in Physics!  We were expecting a C.  She had the highesr grade of all of her peer group

Thankyou so much David for making such a difference to my daughte. As you rightly said  ' If she can get a grade A she can also acheive in everything she does'

J. S. Wiltshire





Stonehenge by Moonlight


Stonehenge by the full moon was unbelievable! This was not the first time that I had been in to the stones after hours but it was definitely the most dramatic.

After an informative chat from Dave we started the evening walking around Avebury. As the sun set a partially eclipsed full moon rose in a perfectly clear sky. We then made our way to Stonehenge and I watched the moon gradually become whole again, which seemed like a small miracle unfolding before my eyes. But this was overshadowed by Stonehenge bathed in the full moon light. Dave was absolutely right when he said that 'Avebury is a Moon temple best seen in the sun and Stonehenge is a Sun temple best seen by the moon'.

I was able to gain even more from my time in the stones by Dave's information on the astrology of the night and how best to work with it. Not sure how much more effective my meditation was but then there are never any guarantees. This is one not to be missed. 

C Marlborough   





Astrobiography: the Reading of Your life


I first saw David give a presentation on NLP and Astrology at the Richmond NLP Group in spring 2006. I found the presentation fascinating. I had always had an interest in astrology, but one that I had never pursued. In recent years I had become increasingly drawn into the world of NLP. So to watch someone skilled in both disciplines was a pleasure.

Having witnessed David in action I felt confident in both his integrity and ability, so I approached him for astrobiographical reading. Not wanting to make it easy for him I gave him as little information as I possibly could. Over a number of days I had the most in-depth reading of my life's journey that I could ever have imagined. It is fascinating to think that someone can get such a accurate picture of someone unknown to them simply by knowing the time and place of their birth. The journey was intriguing, entertaining and enlightening.

If you wish to learn more about yourself, to see yourself in a different light, then it is a journey I would recommend you take.

All the best,

N.M. Surrey





Accelerated Healing for Surgery


Hi Dave,

First of all apologies, sorry for the delay of this email, I guess I must have been working on a Piscean time-line. 

I have been wanting to write to you to thank you properly for the excellent work you have done for me with the help of your great experience in NLP.

To re-cap then, I've never had an operation in my life, ever, (now 38 yrs old), and I've had restricted breathing through one side of my nose for many years.  I've put off on many occasions to have the septum reset in my nose, because quite frankly I had been too frightened beyond any sense of normal reality.  But thanks to you I managed to have the operation on the 09/05/2006.

In particular, I had been impressed that I did not feel any pain and the accelerated level of healing which I remember you had also focused on was amazing.  I'll send you a picture from my mobile phone of the decking that I built at my house the second day after the surgery! 

Needless to say after the check-up sometime later on 13/6/06 at the Ent/Audology clinic they cancelled the second appointment as I had recovered so well.  Mr G Banfield, my surgeon, said 'It is not the nicest of operations to carry out'.  I therefore feel that everything has gone remarkably well, thanks for all your help Dave.

Best wishes,

C. H. J., Swindon





Stonehenge by Moonlight


Dear David

Many many thanks for a really wonderful evening at Henge. You were so generous, sharing your knowledge, passion and humour, what a treat to be shown the stones by you. I have never visited the site before and it was a very inspiring evening for me on many levels.

Kind regards

Caroline, Bath







Being a Student with David Rowan : The Dynamics of Astrology


I have had a fascination with Astrology since the age of 10 and have been studying the subject all my life. I started off in the late 60s with books by Margaret Hone and Julia and Derek Parker and taught myself how to calculate a birth chart. This was quite a lonely life as in those days it was considered almost 'evil' to have anything to do with Astrology, the occult and all associated subjects. Luckily I had a girl friend who was also very interested in the subject and we used to have long conversations, but we were very much fumbling in the dark.

I bought all the books I could find in the shops on Astrology and studied them in as much depth as possible and then I found an advertisement for the Faculty of Astrological Studies and worked my way through the Certificate course. I enjoyed this but it was still a very isolated existence and I craved other astrologers to have discussions with.

In early 90s I saw an article in the local newspaper all about an astrologer called David Rowan. With great excitement I rang up the paper, was given Dave's number, rang him up and we arranged to meet.

Since then I have not looked back. Dave gave classes that I went to once a week in Newbury and I finally realised that I had not only found a kindred spirit, but I had met someone whose knowledge of Astrology was the soundest, most life encompassing, most easily to understand teaching that I had ever come across. I then moved to Bath so all my classes stopped. I was very sad as the only alternative was for me to go back to a correspondence course with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and I didn't want to do that as I found their approach to teaching was somewhat old-fashioned, stuffy and rigid.

After a few years Dave got in touch with me while he was attending Bath Spa University and I started going to his classes again.

I have not looked back since. Dave's method of teaching in his Dynamics of Astrology classes is first class. He goes through the horoscope in life phases starting with the first moments of the birth experience. He brings a birth chart to life, he explains in such a way that as a student I don't have to learn anything by rote, but he teaches a way of understanding what each sign, planet and angle in a chart means that is easy to understand and becomes a way of thinking.

Our class consists of Dave and three students. We have become a family. Each person's factor is described in detail giving a full understanding of our own individuality. The class is also a therapeutic experience. We realise that it is OK to be who we are, and discover why we are who we are from the symbolism derrived from the placements of our planets.

I love Dave's classes. He is the most wonderful, brilliant teacher. He has patience and enormous empathy with his students. He brings the chart to life with his talent for explaining and bringing everything to life. His knowledge is enormous and his approach is exciting and yet humble. I cannot bear to miss a class.

Dave's Astrology School is real, his teaching is in touch with life, his vision is extraordinary and his perception is amazing. He is a brilliant astrologer and lecturer.

J. L. Bath





Ley Line Day: a free annual workshop on the move, exploring the Sacred Landscape of Stonehenge and Avebury


Not only does David take the time to arrange the Ley Line days free of charge, his dedication and commitment to making the day special by giving his time, energy and enthusiasm to others consistently over many years, the scenery, pleasant company and sheer enjoyment of the day, make it an event not to be missed.

Lots of love,

J. Hampshire. xx








Being a Student with David Rowan : Modern Applied Psychology: NLP, Hypnotherapy & Psychobiology


I have enjoyed learning these tools for change and growth and using them on my clients.  The main value for me has been the 'bringing together' of my knowledge and experience over the years in a more structured way.

I have been using the Milton and Meta model for many years as I was trained in systems theory at the Family Institute in Cardiff. I used this model with a team of innovative psychiatrists and community nurses in the early 90's. This course has allowed me to fully integrate this knowledge with the depth and theory I did not have. This course has added a greater depth and has certainly tidied up my language skills. It has enabled me to look at old habitual patterns of language, or lack of, within myself and practice.

David Rowan is a fountain of knowledge and also relates to the spiritual aspect of divine love, truth and healing. He has been a fluent, enthusiastic and elegant teacher who has been a joy to spend time with. The Beautiful Star trance/hypnosis is truly inspired. The content of the course has been valuable with lots of information. Excellent.

The tutor's delivery has been done with style and panache! I enjoyed the humour and use of videos of comics and hypnotists, including one of NLP's co-founders, Dr. Richard Bandler. The tutor's skill is without question. David really does 'know his subject'. And every other subject too! The course has been delivered with the ethos of good practice. Good.

The value of this work is considerable. The flexibility of being able to learn by planning each session in advance in a flexible way has allowed me to learn in an easy and relaxed way.

Suggestions for change. All has been good. No changes needed for me at present.

I look forward to gaining further knowledge and the ability to elegantly use tools in my work and on my children. It is good for 10 year old fairies who are too creative for the school system and teenagers!, as well as everyone else. A most useful tool for learning.

I have always loved Milton Erickson. He was a real hero of our therapeutic times! Pushing the boundaries and really creating change! It has been a fabulous experience to study his work in greater depth.

J. S. Lockeridge





Acceleratred Learning for the re-take of an exam


Hi David

I just got the results of my Yachtmaster Theory exam.  NINETY SEVEN PER CENT. 

and you know just how I was struggling before you sent me that Hypno CD and the Eine Kleine Nacht Musik of Mozart.   Just played it gently in the background as I studied and that's really all I did.   I just went through that two hour paper in twenty five minutes like I was writing a short letter.   I am absolutely delighted and can't thank you enough.
Will talk to you over the phone soon as I can.

Many blessings and thank you again
M.H. Devon




NLP Introduction Workshop:   

'Dave brings the subject of NLP alive.  He has a vast knowledge of the subject and teaches it in a way that  can  be  easily understood by everybody.  I'd recommend him without hesitation to anyone wishing to make a change in their life or those wanting to learn how to use NLP to help others.'

Tracy Longdon  -  TLC Consultants, , Swindon.




NLP Consultation

Hi Dave
Thought I'd give you some feedback on a previous NLP consultation:
After visiting you for an NLP consultation I was able to go into a work interview with confidence and was self assured that I would be able to answer all questions to the best of my ability.  I managed to stay calm through out the duration of the interview and felt that the NLP 'treatment' definitely helped to process questions fast and come up with clear and correct responses quickly.
Thank you for the help.
H, Reading.




Being a Student with David Rowan : Master Practitioner; Modern Applied Psychology

I have been in the training business for some 30 years and consider myself to be a very competent trainer; RAF, Digital and the Server team at Microsoft.

Then, I went on what consider to be a very special NLP program run by David Rowan. As a direct result I am now having the time of my life as a trainer. The feed back I am receiving from people is first class. Why ? Simply because I am able to access powerful motivational states that are infectious. This is enhanced by using subtle language patterns that add power to my communication.
I have never in 30 years of work as a trainer been able to achieve so much satisfaction in my work.
I would have no hesitation in recommending David Rowan to any business.'
George Russell - The Changing Business



Stonehenge by Moonlight


Thanks for the opportunity, illuminating as it was, in more ways than one.

I particularly enjoyed the progression of events, from the pub, to that
rather nice space outside the barn, to the perimeter of the stone circle in immaculate summer weather to the Stones. It all flowed very well, and
helped to put everything in a greater perspective, rather than seeing
each in abstract isolation. Painted a nice picture in my memory.

I would very much like to have finished off the evening in the pub for a debrief, but there it is.

Re the children, yes they were well behaved, and usually are in these
situations. 'A' was thoroughly into the whole thing, she loves learning
and discovering. She is also really interested in how the past has
shaped our present, and anything to do with how life was in times gone
by is of particular interest. You succeeded in imparting your knowledge
and insights in a way that captured her imagination completely.

So thanks again, and I would like to do it again another time.

D, Surrey




Private Consultation Modern Applied psychology


I used to suffer severe panic attacks. By severe I mean apprehension, leading to sweating and heavy breathing, leading to blurred vision a swimming head and unconsciousness. This happened on average once every two years, with lesser attacks more frequently.
The experience was unpleasant, but that was not the main thing. The fear of having a panic attack stopped me from applying for promotion at work. I used to panic when in enclosed spaces that I could not easily withdraw from, such as meeting rooms.
I avoided going to the theatre, the cinema, out to dinner in restaurants etc.
My life for many years, was deprived of many of the things that most of us take for granted. My partner suffered as well, since we could not go out as a couple, and she had to invent forms of recreation that did not involve me.
I then had six sessions of NLP with Dave Rowan to address these issues. At the end of this time, although nervous, I started to gently start going out again, and put myself into situations that I could not have tolerated before the treatment. As confidence grew I started to do more. Today I have my life back. I have not had a panic attach now for over seven years. Thanks Dave.
Mr T. West Berkshire.




Sacred Landscape Tour

When I was first invited to a Leyline Day I didn't know what to expect ... Well it was one of the most fun, informative days that I have had - it was well organised but not too structured and Dave's knowledge was amazing on every location that we visited - the man is a walking encyclopaedia! I think the most memorable part of the day was when we were sat on top of the hill at Alton Barnes overlooking the white horse on the hill. I have been on several Leyline Days in the past and have always taken my 2 children who thoroughly enjoyed it too. 

J. D. Hampshire




Being a Student with David Rowan : Master Practitioner; Modern Applied Psychology


 'Having studied with all the 'greats' in the field of personal development and NLP, I have come to the conclusion that your teaching methods, course material and presentation put you on the same platform alongside Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins. I can honestly say that your course has far more depth and understanding on the subject of NLP than all the courses I have attended so far.'
John Croft - Director Nuhomes Ltd.




Stonehenge by Moonlight

Hi David

Stonehenge was an awesome experience.  I still cannot believe I was in such a awesome place on such a wonderful occasion.  It will always remain with me the incredible brightness of the Moon and the whole atmosphere of sharing the experience with a group of like minded people. The evening was truly wonderful.
I don't know if it's just a coincidence or not, but since I came with you inside Stonehenge my knee has not been hurting at painful at all, the pain seems to have disappeared. 
S London




Being a Student with David Rowan : Master Practitioner; Modern Applied Psychology


'Dave brings the subject of NLP alive. He has a vast knowledge of the subject and teaches it in a way that can be easily understood by everybody. I'd recommend him without hesitation to anyone wishing to make a change in their life or those wanting to learn how to use NLP to help others.'
Tracy Longdon - TLC Consultants, , Swindon.



Stonehenge by Moonlight

Hi David
Just a quick note to say thanks for Stonehenge by Moonlight on Wednesday. I expected a wonderful spooky deep and dark experience and was surprised and delighted to find myself in the middle of a city of light.
Best Wishes




Negotiation Skills in business:

'This course has been a superb introduction into the psychology of everyday language and how it affects our behaviour.'
Steve Chapple - BT



Stonehenge by Moonlight

Dear David
Just a note to say thank you for the truly magical night you laid on for us last night.  It was such an experience I am still speechless!!!  Please put me down for next year along with about 20 others that I know would want to join me!!
I am not sure if you are interested in feedback - being in a service industry I thrive on it! - but thought you might like some for future reference:
Your talk - absolutely fantastic.  You are truly passionate about what you do and are so interesting ... I could have listened to you for hours!  Just brilliant.
Stonehenge....amazing.  You really did a fantastic job there.  The chart was a fantastic treat and I can not fault the visit there.
I really am so grateful to have had this opportunity and can't thank you enough.  In the words of Arnie....."I will be back!".
Take care and chat soon
S, Bradford on Avon.




Being a Student with David Rowan : Master Practitioner; Modern Applied Psychology


Through undertaking New Pathways training I have gained the ability to put my message across in subtle and powerful ways - I am now perceived as an individual of high charisma and personal congruence.
I demand high standards from any training I engage in and you have consistently matched the level of excellence I require.
Steve Wichett - Associate partner of The J. Rothschild Partnership



Modern Applied Psychology in busines: Stress Ellimination


 'Just a short note to say how much I personally enjoyed the Stress Elimination course on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I have already used some of the exercises with quite surprising results. Work colleagues cannot believe my new reactions to certain situations, many of which I used in the various exercises!'
Jayne A Mumby - course delegate, J & H Marsh & McLenneon



MAP Consultation for assistance with a job interview


Hi Dave
Thought I'd give you some feedback on a previous NLP consultation:
After visiting you for an NLP consultation I was able to go into a work interview with confidence and was self assured that I would be able to answer all questions to the best of my ability.  I managed to stay calm through out the duration of the interview and felt that the NLP 'treatment' definitely helped to process questions fast and come up with clear and correct responses quickly.
Thank you for the help.
H, Reading





Stonehenge by Moonlight

Hi Dave,
Thanks again for the Stonehenge tour last week, the memories are still fresh and amazing and we have both experienced some positive effects from our time in the circle.

E and C, Bournemouth
P.S. the pictures from Stonehenge are wicked!




Stonehenge by Moonlight

Hello David, nice to hear from you. I was going to write to you to thank you for your excellent Stonehenge tour the other night, I thoroughly enjoyed it. To imbide the atmosphere of the place was an unmissable experience.

S, Derby




Stonehenge by Moonlight

Dear David,

Hello! I just wanted to thank you so much again for an amazing evening inside Stonehenge yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and your talks were fascinating. It definitely makes me want to learn more.

My friend  'M'  also had a wonderful time.

Thanks again.

C. M. Newbury




Stonehenge by Moonlight

Dear Dave

Thank you for a lovely evening. WE loved it. 'J' was particularly impressed with the astrology !  'C' was in a terrible teenager strop and as soon as she went into the stones, her energy completely lifted!

Lots of love
J xxxxxxxxx, Wiltshire




NLP Introduction Workshop: Testimonial for David Rowan

I attended a one day NLP training programme on September 14th. 2005 presented by David Rowan.

Earlier in 2005, I attended a one day introduction to NLP as part of my qualification for Life Coaching, and I recently qualified as an NLP Practitioner. Both of these trainings were with other organisations. I would have preferred to qualify with The Rowan School of NLP had I known about it.

David's style of presentation is very relaxed and informal. He avoids the use of complicated jargon yet includes the NLP terms that are necessary knowledge for Practitioners. Items recorded by David from television programmes cleverly demonstrate NLP skills and techniques used in entertaining situations, which add fun to the learning process.

David works with very small groups which creates a safe and comfortable learning environment. The groups are large enough to enable trainees to work together in learning and demonstrating the therapeutic techniques, and small enough to receive individual attention when required.

David's knowledge of the subject is vast and his enthusiasm for the subject is inspirational. I came away from the one day experience with a level of confidence that I had not received from my previous experiences and training in NLP.

A.R. Nicholls




Stonehenge by Moonlight

As a child in the sixties I'd grown up able to roam freely around the sacred site of Stonehenge with our car parked by the stones and not another soul in sight. But more recent visits had proved sterile and depressing, circling the fenced-off stones with huge hordes of tourists like dirty water going round a plug-hole. So the opportunity for a special access visit inside the circle under a full moon was something to be seized.

The event was organised beautifully. We met first at Avebury and got to know David and the rest of our group in the pub. David gave a very interesting talk about the history of Avebury, and even though this wasn't my first experience here, I learned many new things. He also explained a great deal of Stonehenge's history, and what I especially enjoyed was the way he blended knowledge and learning with other theories, but never confusing them and presenting supposition as fact. This is all too common a fault with guides at sacred sites, but not one that David made. We then walked around the village talking about the stones and experiencing the energy of the place. David was both entertaining and informative, happy to answer questions and discuss ideas.

Later as darkness fell we drove to Stonehenge in convoy along a ley line. It was very strange arriving at the site in darkness with nobody else about. The reflective strips on the security guards' jackets blazed out under the headlights of our group's cars and made the whole thing seem rather clandestine. Barriers were removed and we entered the car park. After a quick briefing we were led under the tunnel and up towards the looming stones.

I had been very excited about the prospect of the full moon washing the stones with lunar glory. But it was a cold and cloudy night, the rain only just managing to hold off. The heavy cloud meant that the sky was a weird orange-purple colour, presumably reflected from Salisbury. The road seemed close by too, and regular car headlights swept past noisily. My first feeling was of disappointment. This was not silent nor silver, and didn't feel particularly magical at all.

However ... once inside the stones everything changed. The atmosphere thickened. I felt enfolded in stone. It's impossible to get this sensation as an ordinary tourist circling in daylight. You need to actually be inside the temple, feeling it from the core. The stones are enormous and it's not until you lean your small human frame against their massive permanence that you fully appreciate this. David had urged us to go barefoot inside the circle, and despite the very chilly wind I took his advice. I'm so glad I did. As he'd said, the ground was warm despite the cold weather. And actually connecting skin to earth with the sacred energy was something not to be missed.

I had a quite profound experience that night inside the darkness of the henge. I'd hoped to perform some kind of healing for a dear friend suffering a terminal illness. Where better than the inner sanctum of Stonehenge? Instead I received knowledge and understanding in the form of a clear insight. I was deeply moved by this and will carry the certainty with me forever. My friend has since died and what I experienced that night at Stonehenge has helped me cope with the grief.

I don't know how long we were inside the henge because time felt different there, but after a while David gathered us together to look in restricted torchlight at an astrological chart. Then it was time to leave. The security guard appeared and counted us back out, returning us to our cars. It was quite bizarre re-entering the 21st century.

We reconvened in a nearby pub to finish off the wonderful evening. Everyone was buzzing and we all needed to reground ourselves. David was as informative and entertaining as ever a really likeable man and so very different to what I'd imagined. Because of the nature of his studies and website I'd imagined someone rather lofty and ethereal . But here was a man of the earth, well-grounded in knowledge and spirit, and fascinating. He ensured the group gained what they wanted and needed from the visit and I would thoroughly recommend the experience. It's something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, and I shall certainly be repeating it.

Kit Berry, author


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