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Stonehenge Beltane tour

Stonehenge at Sunset and the first quarter Moon with an additional lecture on Paganism and the Wheel of the Year





I am very pleased to offer an amazing magikal day of mystery and history to a small group of 24 people. Not only will we spend a magikal day exploring the ancient monuments of beautiful Wiltshire we will also visit the inner circle of Stonehenge, all to ourselves, twice (yes, twice !) in one day: once at Sunset, and then, by the light of the First Quarter Moon; the astronomical Beltane.  




David Charles Rowan MA Msc has the pleasure of inviting you to a once in a lifetime experience; a whole day tour of the Sacred Landscape of Avebury and Stonehenge, followed by an evening in which we go right inside the inner circle of Stonehenge twice. It is breathtaking, being inside the inner circle of Stonehenge at Sunset and then once more by light of the First Quarter Moon on one of the most significant days in the Pagan calender


Experiencing the inner circle of Stonehenge twice on the same evening is a unique and, for many, a magical and moving experience (please click the testimonial link below if you'd like to know about the tour in other's words). This memorable experience follows an in-depth history and astronomy tour of the sacred landscape of both Stonehenge and Avebury. This tour is a 15 hour mobile lecture tour of Avebury, Stonehenge and the sacred landscape, culture and astronomy of the area; if you are considering experiencing this incredible day and you'd like to take a look at the landscape and terrain, not to mention see how Stonehenge looks from within the very middle when the Sun is setting, please click on the galleries link below and follow the directions to the Henge Tours. The additional hour has been added at no extra cost to the more usual Stonehenge at Sunset and by Starlight tour: this is the eve of Beltane and your host, David Charles Rowan, has been a practicing Pagan since the age of 20. While mostly solitary since the early 1990s, much of his twenties were spent learning Paganism in from experienced and compassionate High Priests and Priestesses of the Craft. 'I am always keen to share information and I love teaching. I decided to add the free additional time to this tour for both those who are new and curious, as well as those who know something of these British Pagan practices to have an opportunity to perhaps discover something new and maybe find a new perspective. To discuss the Wheel of the Year in close proximity to Stonehenge on the night of the Beltane and to then go inside the monument just has to be something we will always remember'.


This is more than just a talk on Paganism or a walk around a landscape. This wonderful day encompasses the complete itinerary of the Stonehenge at Sunset and by Starlight tours: a walking lecture tour by one of the first people to be awarded a masters degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.  Please click here to discover more about David Charles Rowan




  • "The whole evening was completely enjoyable, David's talks are very educational but also highly entertaining, and I learned new facts about the area that I hadn't come across before."  Z, Wales


  • "David Charles Rowan's tours are an exceptional blend of knowledge, insight and humour. His  mastery of setting the scene allows you to go back with him through the ages and experience a greater empathy and understanding of what went before. He can turn the rainiest of days into a journey of fascination." R, Wiltshire


  • "I thought we knew the area reasonably well: I was mistaken. As we climbed up to the ridge, where the chalk is visible beneath the grass, David pointed out aspects of the landscape that had eluded us before"  S.W., Surrey



  • Who designed and shaped this ancient landscape; what can we know of their culture ? 

  • How did our ancestors measure eclipses and the cycles of the Sun and Moon

  • Could Stonehenge be used to predict the seasons and weather patterns ?

  • Was Stonehenge used to elect auspicious moments: times to plan, times to harvest, times to conduct ceremonies and magik ?


This special tour will give us a chance to explore these questions in a very real hands-on way. In addition, we will have a wonderful chance to take pictures in good light without crowds of people in the way - today will definitely be one for the album ! 



Whenever we hold the tour, no matter what the weather, people are often struck by a sense of wonder and awe. There is a magik here, an enchantment that seems to come to life after the Sun has set and world has begun sleeping. To have the privilege and good fortune to visit the inner circle of Stonehenge at Beltane is truly amazing. When the first quarter Moon rises, star canopy will be clear and visible. Looking at the Moon and the Stars in such an ancient place on such a night as Beltane is profoundly full of wonder ...


To make the day even more evocative and special a whole day has been planned for you to leave the 21st century far behind and absorb the mystery and magik of Stonehenge and its sacred landscape.



An outline of the day:


A detailed description of the tour is featured among the links below. However, to give you an outline here

Briefly, we start the day at Avebury at 10.00am, and explore the Neolithic landscape surrounding both Avebury and Stonehenge; its cultural history, archeology and astronomy. Before we reach Stonehenge, on the tour during the day, you'll also go inside the largest Long Barrow in the country and look around inside the Neolithic chambers and visit other ancient monuments before we have a fine pub lunch near one of the sites for the great Sarsen Stones, used to build Avebury and the outer rind and great trilithons of Stonehenge, culminating with the first visit inside Stonehenge in the early evening.

We will go right inside the very middle of the temple. To wander among the stones in the serenity of a small private party with enough lighting to look around, take fantastic pictures, look at the maps and the technical sides of the astronomy here is pretty incredible. To be able to do this as the light changes and feel the stones grow in stature as the sunlight fades is brilliant; the site really does change from being a load of rocks in a field by daylight to an enigmatic temple by night.

Prior to the first Stonehenge visit, we will retreat to a wonderful manor house restaurant, hidden away on Salisbury Plain far from any disruptive villages, where we can refresh and relax, with a fine evening meal before the first Stonehenge visit. Before we leave, there will be a technical talk on the history and astronomy of Stonehenge. During the two-hour break between Stonehenge visits, we will return to one of the sacred mounds visited during the afternoon weather permitting) for the talk on Paganism and the Wheel of the year, within sight of Stonehenge. If weather is not permitting, we will return to the manor house for the talk. The break between the two visits is also timed for the Sun to set sufficiently. To speak of magik on such a night is to open a door of learning and discovery. The very dust of wisdom shall be upon our feet as we walk once more into the ancient temple on the plains, bathing in the light of the Moon and the Stars on the night of Beltane ... 


It is an experience you will always remember ...


To join us and enjoy this unique and makgikal experience please click the booking link at the bottom of this page (see links, just below) . To secure your booking, you will need to obtain a booking reference, which you can get on request by email -  Stonehenge@davidrowan.co.uk - or by calling  07919 555 275  during office hours, weekdays only.



for tour information, please scroll further down the page, or, go straight to the section of interest by clicking on these links:


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Henge tours with David Rowan: in other's words
A number of people have kindly written a few words about their experiences on the Henge tours: the full tours of Stonehenge at Sunset and by Starlight, the evening tour of Stonehenge by Moonlight and the Sacred Landscape Ley Line walk. Here's how they found things (names are confidential) ... to read the testimonials, please 
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Date for 2012
Monday the 28th of May 2012

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Astrological Weather Forecasts for Stonehenge tours:


Astrological weather forecast for Stonehenge at Beltane on the 11th of May 2011    


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Fee:   The fee for this incredible tour and opportunity to experience the enigma of Stonehenge twice; at Sunset and again by Starlight is 175.00 per person (includes both lunch and dinner with one drink at each meal, two special access visits inside the monument and a 14 hour mobile lecture tour with David Rowan).





Booking procedure: in special arrangement with English heritage, places on the tour are limited in number and must be booked in advance with David Rowan. For details, please click here 

Please note: because numbers are limited is it always advisable to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and ensure your place is secured. 


To book your place, please have your booking reference to hand (obtained from contacting David Rowan) and click here                        

Please note: bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable



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