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Moonlight Visits inside Stonehenge

Stonehenge: Special Access visit inside the Inner Circle by Moonlight 

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Stonehenge by Moonlight 2005 - picture kindly donated by Micky Thompson

I am very pleased to offer an amazing and magikal evening of mystery and history to a small group of 24 people. Not only will we enjoy an enchanting evening exploring the ancient monument of Avebury in the beautiful  county of Wiltshire, we will also visit the inner circle of Stonehenge, peacefully and all to ourselves, by the light off the Full Moon.  


David Charles Rowan MA Msc has the pleasure of inviting you to a breathtaking expereince of being inside the inner circle of Stonehenge by Moonlight


This is more than just a walk around a landscape. This is a walking lecture tour by one of the first people to be awarded a masters degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.  Please click here to discover more about David Charles Rowan  

Experiencing the inner circle of Stonehenge is, for many, a magical and moving experience (please click the testimonial link below if you'd like to know about the tour in other's words). This memorable experience follows an in-depth history and astronomy lecture of both Avebury and Stonehenge, followed by a tour of Avebury. This tour is a 4 hour mobile lecture tour of Avebury and Stonehenge and we explore a little of the the sacred landscape, culture and astronomy of the area; if you are considering experiencing this incredible evening and would like to see more of what it looks like, please view the pictures below or click on the galleries link to view the tours conducted by David Charles Rowan since 1993. All booking details and dates can be found below the following pictures ...


We meet at the Red Lion pub in Avebury, between 6 and 6.30pm ...



After a talk on the history and astronomy of Avebury and Stonehenge, we take a tour of this impressive ancient temple



   we see the Sun set upon the temple of the Moon ...
before we drive ... in convoy, following a ley line ...  to see the Moon rise over the temple of the Sun




the peacefulness of  being inside the inner circle of stones in a small private party, gives us a change to explore and absorb this ancient place ...
and in the light of the Full Moon, an Astrological Chart is drawn for the moment we are there ~ healing and meditation attuned to the cosmos in this moment





We will go right inside the very middle of the temple. To wander among the stones in the serenity of a small private party giuded by the light of the Full Moon. It will be too dark for you to take photographs unless you have a camera with a programmmable shuttrt speed and a tripod; flash photogrophy, and mobile phone photogrophy, is not allowed on this particular tour - the very sound reasons and background are explained fully in the informaiton you recive with your booking confirmation. To be inside the great and ancient temple in a party so mall that you almost feel you have it to yourself is simply wonderful; to see Moon and stars in the open night sky,  illuminating  the stones with the great majestic trilithons in your vision, is simply breathtaking ...

  'and, there you are; inside Stonehenge, looking up at the stars or the Moon, perhaps through a great stone archway; still and silent '


It is an experience you will always remember ...


To join us and enjoy this unique and makgikal experience please click the booking link at the bottom of this page (see links, just below) . To secure your booking, you will need to obtain a booking reference, which you can get on request by email -  Stonehenge@davidrowan.co.uk - or by calling  07919 555 275  during office hours, weekdays only.



for tour information, please scroll further down the page, or, go straight to the section of interest by clicking on these links:


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Tour Dates


Astrological weather forecasts for Stonehenge tours


Fee and booking


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Henge tours with David Charles Rowan: in other's words
A number of people have kindly written a few words about their experiences on the Henge tours: the full tours of Stonehenge at Sunset and by Starlight, the evening tour of Stonehenge by Moonlight and the Sacred Landscape Ley Line walk. Here's how they found things (names are confidential) ... to read the testimonials, please 
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Tour Dates
Sunday 10th August 2013



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Astrological Weather Forecasts for Stonehenge tours:


Astrological weather forecast for Stonehenge on the 1st June 2011    



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Fee:   The fee for this incredible tour and opportunity to privately experience the enigma of Stonehenge by Moonlight is 55.00 per person (includes special acces visits inside the monument and a 4 hour mobile lecture tour with David Charles Rowan).





Booking procedure: in special arrangement with English heritage, places on the tour are limited in number and must be booked in advance with David Charles Rowan.

Please note: because numbers are limited is it always advisable to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and ensure your place is secured. 


To book your place, please write to Astrology@davidrowan.co.uk clearly stating how many places you wish to book on the tour. I will quickly write to you by return, confirming how many places are available and you will be issued with a booking reference and a paypal invoice will be sent to your email inbox; you can pay this with paypal or with a credit card (if required, paypal automatically converts currency for us). Your place on the course is only considered secured once payment of the invoice has been processed, so on occasions when the limited places are in demand it is wise to ensure you process the invoice swiftly.


Please note: bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable



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