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Rowan Astrology - 3-part course in political Astrology ... 
live online


with David Charles Rowan



part 1 - the foundations of political astrology:      the astrology of nations and collective groups. Political leaders and counties. Gauging the global political winds from astrology, using the U.K. As an example


part 2 - Brexit, Scotland and the Labour Party - including the coming trends for each of the leaders; May, Sturgeon and Corbyn


part 3 - America, Trump and the U.K. and USA economies



fee: 66 for the complete course



venue - your computer





1 - 9th April 2017 at 19.30 BST

2 - 16th April 2017 at 19.30 BST

3 - 23rd   April 2017 at 19.30 BST


to book:


click this pay link




your booking is only secure once payment is received - there are maximum 24 places for this course so I would recommend you catch it now before you miss the chance


this is not ordinary astrology ...


this is Rowan Astrology



Note: you do not need any special software to enjoy these seminars. You will receive an email with a webroom link prior to each seminar. All you need to do is click  the link and enter. I am the only person who will be seen on video; you can converse with myself and other participants in the webroom chat box in the lower left corner of the web meeting room window.  The only equipment you need to participate is a computer and either speakers or headphones.