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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The use of hypnosis in therapy to help people resolve problems or enhance skills, is known as Hypnotherapy. Although the word is derived from the Greek word for sleep; Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy is not a form of sleep at all; it is more akin to a light level of daydreaming ...



The experience of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a none invasive therapy. The client sits with the practitioner and is guided into a comfortable state of relaxation, during which it is easier to explore the dynamics of  your unconscious. Now, relaxed, the roots of issues can be more easily discovered and worked though and new pathways explored; it is a process of resolving and healing the past and also designing your future ...

Hypnotherapy is perfectly safe in the hands of a trained, competent therapist. There are many different ways in which a light trance state can be achieved; it is never a question that a client cannot be hypnotized - it is more a question that the hypnotist lacks the skills required to help a wider range of people. Hypnotherapy may not be able to cure everything, but it can be a powerful ally when we need to find the courage to heal, the strength to carry on and the steely resolve to achieve whatever it is in life that you want to achieve. To learn more about what Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are, please click here: A deeper understanding of Hypnotherapy   



Being Deeply Relaxed


Many people have times in their life when the pressures become almost overwhelming and they experience stress and emotional exhaustion. Learning to relax deeply is a powerful and effective way to not just combat stress and fatigue, but to also arm oneself against it so that life's ups and downs have less impact on us mentally, physically and emotionally.


            Relaxing - take 5 ...


With more than twenty years  experience of both conducting client sessions and teaching others to become professional practitioners in the field, I am pleased to be able to offer a deep relaxation session in an audio recording. You can obtain the recording for 12.99, either as a digital download, or in the more traditional form of a CD, which can be posted to you.


If you would like to experience a brief sample of relaxing - take 5 ...   please click here


If you would like to purchase the download of Relaxing - take 5 ...  please click here and purchase the album, Relaxing - take 5 ...  3 tracks will download to your desktop; the full version of relaxing - take 5 .. with music composed and recorded by David Charles Rowan. An unplugged version: relaxing with the sound of my voice ... and also, the 5 minute sample. The price is 12.99  -  to purchase, please click here


If you would like to purchase a CD of Relaxing - take 5 ...   the CD includes 2 versions; unplugged and with music. The price is 12.99 and postage, inc postage and packing.  To purchase the CD, please click here




Safety First

All clients are asked to read the 'Safety First Rule', before undertaking any work of MAP so that you are fully aware that you are always in control. The Safety First Rule is:

'During this, or any other altered state of consciousness, you will always be able to return to normal consciousness simply by counting 1,2,3 and opening your eyes. Or, in an emergency, by opening your eyes, this will happen automatically - you will awaken refreshed, alert, and ready to deal with any situation.'





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