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  Happy Birthday!   And welcome to my page :)

How would it feel to know what's in store for you - not just in the coming year, but in the next decade? .... 

to unravel just what's going on right now in your life, so you can make sense of things ... 

to steer the course of change ...

and understand yourself at a deeper level, so you can stop worrying whether you're on the right track and grow from your history into a brighter future you ?

Hi, I'm David Charles Rowan and I have spent the past 28 years studying birth charts for people, like you, around the world, and I promise you that whatever astrological readings you've  had in the past or however many astrology columns you've  followed in the media, your personal consultation with me will astound you  – at least, that's what my clients tell me!

 "I want to give a really big shout out to David Charles Rowan who has left me in absolutely NO DOUBT that astrology works. He has never met me and there is NO WAY he could possibly have sussed me out as thoroughly as he did through his astrological reading of me.
In all the 30+ years I have been on the spiritual path no psychic, no tarot reader, no medium and no other astrologer has ever got me so accurately. Not a single thing in his 90 minute reading was even remotely out.
I highly recommend David to everyone
D. Derby, UK"

So today I have a special birthday gift for you. 
And here it is…
Your personal forecast which is a private 1:1 90 minute Skype consultation and is audio recorded for you to keep, so you can re-listen as often as you like. 

I'll give you an overview of the decade you are currently living through, long term trends over the next few years and then an up close and personal look at 2017

This is personal - it is about you, and the forecast does not apply to anyone else on Earth

And today, as it's your birthday, I have a special 50% discount if you book by midnight tonight

"I had an astrology reading (if you could call it that as it was above and beyond what anyone might typically expect) with David Charles Rowan yesterday. Well I thought I had good Astro readings before but this was the daddy of all readings. David is so deeply knowledgeable, incredibly intelligent, clear and fascinating. It was truly something very special and so is he. This is a man with so much experience and knowledge of his craft that I don't think it could get any better. Thank you David"
 C. Leeds, UK

Click on the "add to cart" button below and enter BIRTHDAY in the promo code to take advantage of this special rate for you today.

I can't wait to share with you what your chart will reveal to me, so you can make the coming year the best one of your life so far

Click the button now and I'll see you on the inside

"Just had an amazing in-depth Astrology reading with the lovely David Charles Rowan! wow
It was spot on with what he shared about my chart and very interesting for the coming 12 months...  :)

Looking forward to listening to the recording again as so much! I highly recommend David!  "