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The Blossoming of Old Rowan Trees
Poems, Photography and Life through and Aspergers Lens


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Introduction and Foreword

David Charles Rowan MA MSc has three diagnosed autistic conditions; Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia and a suspected fourth, Echopraxia.

David  was not diagnosed with any Autistic Spectrum conditions until he was forty, which meant his young life, growing up as a child carer with a disabled mother, unable to understand himself or the world around him, was bewildering and often frightening. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a need to understand life, he took his first steps into  reading psychology at the age of thirteen but found it rather dry and took a Pagan path instead; studying esoteric philosophies and finding a  model of human understanding in the ancient art of Astrology. Being an undiagnosed autistic child carer was a challenge made lighter by a love of music. The  'do it yourself' philosophy of the Punk explosion in the 1970s created a cultural sense of permission and David taught himself to play guitar, spending his early twenties in bands that were fun, if not successful.  By the time he was thirty David had grasped the complexity of Astrology and how to use the map of symbols  as a means to understanding the dynamics of a person's psyche. Realising he also needed a therapeutic skill, David trained in a second discipline MAP: Modern Applied Psychology, a synthesis of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychobiology in 1993. He began teaching Astrology in 1991, and also teaching MAP in 1994. In 2002 he was among the first six people in the world to be awarded the Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and took a second masters degree in 2008 in Psycho-Social Studies, for which he was awarded Master of Science with distinction.

David continues to practice and teach Astrology online and MAP, and music continues to flow from him. For a quarter of a century David has explored the human condition with students and clients and since 2008 has shared some of these insights in the social media realm of Facebook, often in the forms of poetry and photography. This book is a collection of poems reaching back to the early 1980s to the present day and illustrated by David's photography.  In both words and images it is life viewed through one autistic lens. 
The considered wisdom is that people with Asperger's are dissociated from emotion; Spock-like and dispassionate. One of the 'narrow interests', David is 'fixated' with,  is understanding the human condition; its joys and passions, clarity and confusions. This entails exploring one's own vulnerability and emotional sensitivity;  which lends itself to developing a sympathetic understanding of how life is for other people. David has an articulate mind and his writings on being an adult with Asperger's Syndrome has illuminated the experience of the condition for those who also live within the spectrum, enabling parents to also have a deeper understanding and clarity.  The opening poem, An Asperger's Heart, moved one parent to write;
'I have a 3 year old with Asperger's and so this touched me deeply. I can see it in his eyes how much he wants to communicate effectively and cant. your poem made me feel like I was listening to his soul speak. thank you!!!!'
Walking an Asperger's path can be challenging in an abrasive world and yet also hauntingly beautiful.  David describes it like this;
'I often find it strange to have a wise old brain sitting with a vulnerable, open and befuddled heart - it's like my inner child and wise old man have blended into a wise child and a vulnerable sage.  The apparent incongruence is a mark of being Asperger's and is both creatively fruitful and sometimes emotionally frightening. '

For every copy sold, 1 will be donated to NAS - the National Autistic Society

Throughout the book you will find numerous photographs of otters. They reside at a rescue and breeding sanctuary in Devon, England and need donations to keep up the fish supply !   Please visit the centre, or check out their website & Facebook page search for;  Otters & Butterflies

Foreword by Carolyn Palmer  BA Hons, DipPsychCoun
This extraordinary - what one might call anthology, begins with a poetic meditation on the vulnerabilities of a life through an asperger's lens in a world full of sharp edges, hard knocks and unconcern, but this lyrical book is so very much more than that.  It is a reflection of a depth of soul, outpouring of feeling and beauty of word and thought, that is at times, moving beyond description.
There is so much here to ponder and to absorb.  This is a collection of pieces taking us through life, love, longing, desire, loss, joy, wonder, beauty, in fact the whole gamut of life lived on earth, among the stars, through time, and eons of birth and rebirth.  It is about being different, but also the same, in that David has plumbed the depths, desires, longings, pain, wonder and joy, that so many of us feel, though few of us are able to articulate so eloquently and with such beauty.
But there is more yet again.  The photographs that accompany this wonderful collection are not only completely in tune with the words they accompany, but are works of beauty in themselves.
In some ways, David's work is a love song.  It is a love song, to life, to the beauties and awesomeness of nature and our world, to the lover both without and within, to the pain of loss, the joy of discovery, and the ache of being both seen and unseen, listened to but not always heard, longing to be seen and met, yet fragile to the possibilities of its' consequences.
Though this book's subtitle is Poems and Life through an Asperger's Lens, it touches and reaches the depths of feeling, fears, longings and joys that we can all connect with and all relate to.  It offers food for thought, meditation and even prayer.  Look at the following for instance:
May Daze ...
Good morning  ...  good morning :)
May the sun kiss you today
May the air be filled with laughter
May happy things now come your way
May the Gods always protect you
May the Goddess be there in all you do
May your heart always be dancing
May I fall in love with you 
A beautiful love poem, which could so easily be a prayer For the one you love, for a child, for the world, for our amazing blue/green planet.
Among David's thoughts, songs, poems and meditations is so much to absorb, to think about, to meditate upon.  So many timeless reflections.  For myself, this is a work that I would visit, and re-visit, many times, and each time would find some new aspect, connect with a greater depth of feeling and understanding, and discover new insights.
I hope that you will read these words for yourself and that it may touch and connect with your soul in the way that it has with mine, and that you too may discover that with each touch, each whisper, we are all a little more enriched, a little more connected, and perhaps even, a little better as people.
May this beautiful book enrich you in many, many ways.
Bright blessings upon your path
Carolyn Palmer , BA Hons, DipPsychCoun

Four Books are soon

 be published by David Charles Rowan:

Mapping the Psyche in Modern Applied Psychology
Astrology and NLP Working in Practice

David Charles Rowan


This unique and exciting book embraces the working practices of two diverse communities: Astrologers and practitioners from the world of Modern Applied Psychology: NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychobiology and Timeline Therapy.

Astrology is an invaluable tool as a map of the psyche. It can be used to gain insight into the underlying patterns of a client's unconscious that inhibit growth or sabotage success. However, knowledge does not always bring change to unconscious behavioural programmes and the numbers of people, for example, who continue to smoke when they have full and clear knowledge of its deadly consequences, bears testimony to this.

Modern Applied Psychology, is a fantastic 'tool box' of strategies and techniques that enable people to make profound and lasting changes in their lives. Navigating the myriad of possible pathways within a client's unconscious is often done by holding onto the minuscule clues revealed within their language.

David Charles Rowan has created a unique solution that blends these two systems in working practice. It enables the practitioners to have an accurate map of the entire psyche, both the conscious and unconscious, coupled with a powerful toolbox for lasting change and transformation. The task set before the practitioner not only becomes easier to undertake, it also brings a deeper and more enriching experience to the client.

In his private practice, Astrologer, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Modern Applied psychology, David Charles Rowan MA, does just that. For over a decade he has crafted the synthesis of these disciplines into a powerful system that has as efficacy for both the parties in the healing process.

This synthesis was first revealed to the public in two high acclaimed papers for his Masters degree at Bath Spa University in 2002/3. In addition to his very latest research and results, the material from both papers is included in this book.

Appealing to both the Modern Applied Psychology and Astrological communities, the book opens with an overview of both of these disciplines.

In addressing the Astrological community, Rowan outlines the history and working structures of the components of Modern Applied Psychology with a clarity and depth that may be familiar to those already conversant with the subjects. Astrology is also presented for the novice in a way that offers a unique method of interpreting the natal chart providing new insights into the dynamic structures of the zodiac. This unique and exciting new methodology offers the reader an insight to how these working practices can be applied to enhance our quality of life and enrich our understanding of the human condition.

In the first half of this book, a clear and thorough guide to these systems is presented; using astrology as a diagnostic psychological tool and then applying modern psychological methods to enable the client to reach their desired goal.

The second half presents four case studies in exquisite detail. Each case study gives a perspective on the scope of this working system:

  • A senior executive in the MOD in need of assistance with post operation recovery.
  • An accountant in need of assistance with final exams.
  • A mother's concerns for her teenage daughter's wayward behaviour.
  • A woman raped in a car park whose marriage is on the verge of breaking under the strain of learning how to survive.

The reader is taken through the journey of each consultation, the thought structures that steered my decisions are detailed, shining new light on the inner thinking of a practitioner of modern Applied Psychology in action. Conclusions are drawn and details of a web site provided to enable the reader to seek more information or services within Modern Applied Psychology.

Among the most important works ever produced on astrology William Lilly's 16th century work, Christian Astrology and Geoffrey Cornelious' modern masterpiece, The Moment of Astrology rate among the most significant. Both the postscript of the re-print of Christian Astrology and the foreword of The Moment of Astrology were written by Patrick Curry, along with the entry on astrology in the Oxford Companion to the History of Science.

Dr Patrick Curry, BA in Psychology, senior lecturer at Bath Spa University and high acclaimed author of several astrological books, has agreed to read the manuscript with a view to writing the foreword. This will ensure the elevation of this book within the astrological and psychological communities.

On Divine Wings
Vol 1. The Emerging Self

Throughout history the Word has been revered with mystical significance. Not just for being the medium through which we convey information, but rather, for being the foundation of community, because it is through communication that we are able to share our unique and solitary experience.

It is through the word, through language, through the mind that we are able to open a door into another's reality, a window looking onto their world.

With this in mind, this book has been crafted in the spirit of reverence for the power of the word. As a master practitioner and trainer of neuro linguistic programming the author, one of the first people in the world to achieve a masters degree in cultural astronomy and astrology, has sought to communicate not just with the conscious mind of the reader but rather, directly with your unconscious: in this sense readers will find the hypnotic language patterns of this works deeply moving and potentially healing, as if it speaks to a deeper part of the inner mind.

The reader is guided though a journey of life. Describing more than the psychological unfoldment of our development, you are invited to view the natural unfoldment of your life through the window of the Soul. We begin the quest at the stage of defining who we are, growing from the roots of our childhood as we progressively emerge into our mature adult self preparing for the greatest adventure beyond this life. The Emerging Self begins the journey and marks the period between birth and twenty one years of age.

On Divine Wings
Vol 2. Pathways of Divinity

Pathways of Divinity, the second of four volumes, traces the period of life from twenty one to thirty; and it also traces the journey of mankind's belief systems from the burial rites of Neanderthal Man 100,000 BCE to the present day.

During our twenties we make contact with increasing numbers of people with different viewpoints and perceptions of reality. This has an effect of expanding our consciousness and gives shape to our personal vision of the truth. The power of beliefs to steer our behaviour and shape our lives is also explored.

  • There are common threads between religions.
  • The fabric of modern Western culture is woven with a Pagan theology.
  • Ancient man knew the world is round.
  • How we view reality is shaped by our view of the cosmos.

This volume includes a timeline of man's evolving perception of the truth. Most of the world's religions and philosophies and significant breakthroughs in science are mentioned and some are given additional attention. We reach the age of thirty with the keys to the truth, the door of life, held firmly in our grasp. It is during this next period that we must pass through the door.

An Astrological guide to reading a person's life like a book

This Astrological guide to reading a person's life like a book brings a new insight into Astrological interpretation.

Astrobiography introduces the understanding of how an Astrological birth chart can be used to plot the course of a person's journey through life with remarkable accuracy ... from just one set of calculations, one piece of paper: The Natal Birth Chart.

This method means you can understand how the person perceived life at the age of, say, 3 years old and how that has effected their psychological and emotional growth ... and how that same person will perceive life through the different lenses of their 20's - and how that will modify their identity and perspective on life.

In effect, this method gives an insight into their subjective experience of their time-line and describes the overall tones and atmospheres of the significant phases of life we all experience:

0-3 years old. - 3-7 years old - 7-15 years old Etc. ...60 years old and onwards

This means that in just knowing a person's time, date and place of birth you can lay out a map of their highest and lowest potentials of experience for any given phase of life growth and development.

In retrospect this means a deeper understanding of their past experiences can be gained to enhance their self knowledge and an insight into the future possibilities means the individual is better placed to know how best to respond to steer their life along a more harmonious and hopefully healthy and prosperous pathway.

This is a unique view of Astrology as it uses Planets as symbols of time as well as symbols of experience or psychic drives and personality types.

To read an Astrological chart is to read a symbolic map of a life.

To read a life path is to read an Astrobiography.

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