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A private consultation with David Charles Rowan


A Professional Astrological consultation can take many forms, depending on what you wish to obtain from it.


Astrobiography: the reading of your life is just that - a full reading of your life from birth through to old age. It is a complete voyage of self discovery that takes between 4 to 6 days, usually spaced at one day per-month. To find out more please cick here:  Your Astrobiography - the reading of your life



A consultation of Astrology combined with Modern Applied Psychology takes from one to two hours and is designed to help you resolve a speficic issue or problem. Once again, to find out more please click here:  Astrology and Modern Applied Psychology.



A personal Astrological Forecast is failrly self-explanatory. Working with your personal astrological birth chart it is possible to determine the trends in your future. For full details and a thorough explanation, please click here: Your Personal Astrological Forecast



Relationship Astrology for Couples takes a closer look at the alchemy of relationships: first, each person in the couple is described individually, to foster both a deeper self-knowledge and understanding of one another. Then, the two charts are combined to see how the various facets of each person's psyche interelates with each other. This two to three hour consultation can be most illuminating, revealing not just the areas where the relationship is easy but also any challenges, difficulties and possible strategies for managing or resolving them. For full details, please click here:  Relationship Astrology for Couples



Astrobiography for Children: the reading of your child's life is similar to an Astrobiobiography consultation with the orientation of the interpretation presented for parents. This means the journey is shorter, covering the specific areas most useful for a parent; the life journey in general, the psychological effect you have on your child, your child's learning style and career potentials etc. For further details, please click here:  Astrobiography for Children: the reading of your child's life




Whichever astrological service you require, some essential information will always be needed to begin:


  • your date of birth - DD.MM.YYYY


  • your time of birth - needs to be the exact time


  • your place of birth village, town or city and country


  • the name you'd like printed at the top of the chart first and last name and any middle names


NB. (for those uncertain of their birth time it is possible to obtain it through dowsing, and this can be done over the telephone - for details, please click here).



From this information your Astrological chart is created using a computer data bank of thousands of years of planetary motion. Your personal birth chart - a map of the heavens from the viewpoint of exactly when and where you were born - is created.



It might be helpful to discuss which avenue of astrology will be most beneficial for you and I am happy to help you with this, for no fee. Please feel free to email Astrology@davidrowan.co.uk

Once the type of astrological consultation that is most suited to your current needs has been identified, your personal chart created, your initial appointment wlll be booked and you will be given a booking reference: you can then choose to pay online by credit card if you wish. To pay online, and to learn more about each of these pathways of astrology, please visit the appropriate links.




Ordinarly, consultations take place online using Skype with a web cam. Skype is a software program which allows video calls between users which are completely free. Skype itself is free to download and easy to install. This allows us to conduct the reading of your life from the comfort of your own home without incuring any travel or telephone costs; it is unlimited and completely free to use. To find out more, type Skype in your internet browser or click here. Consultations in person are also possible form my home in North Wiltshire - please inquire for details. It is also possible to arrange a consultation in pperson in your home, though this wil also incur additional travel fees.








An additional notice:


While recent changes in British law do not neccesssarily require a need for a disclaimer to be presented regarding astrology, it is possibly advisable that I do so and I offer here the suggested wording from the July/August 2008 edition of the periodical Transit:


"The new Consumer Protection Act and EU Directive may require me to explain that I am offering you translations into ordinary language of traditional meanings of astronomical cycles. These are based on ideas used for thousands of years, enhanced by information from my expereince of using them. Such information is, however, challenged by contemporary mechanical science. It is offered on the understanding that it is for you to decide if this knowledge gives useful insight that helps you make better life decisions. You should seek independent professional advice for legal, medical, fiscal and other specialist questions.

If you wish to consider astrology and its place in your life and society  more deeply," I will be very happy to supply you with an introductionary  book list that will help  you get the journey of your personal research underway; please write to Astrology@davidrowan.co.uk

 NB: refunds on bookings are not available, though payments made can be transerferd to another service offered by David Charles Rowan


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