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Astro Meteorology:

The ancient art of Weather Forecasting with Astrology


Knowledge of the Moving Stars
An exploration of Astrometeorology; weather forecasting with astrology


One of the things I learned from my masters degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology was an old medieval astrology technique of weather forecasting.  During my MA I discovered that in times past, weather forecasting used to be done with astrology. In fact, it seems this was common practice for centuries.

There are still echoes of it our modern times:

Presently, our weather is forecast by the 'Met Office', and you probably already know this name is short for, 'Meteorological Office'.




we are to understand that an 'ology' means 'a body of knowledge' ie. Biology = knowledge of the body.




Meteor - logical  =  Knowledge of the Moving Stars.


The BBC get their weather forecasts from the Met' Office; the Office of the Knowledge of the Moving Stars



About this page:


As forecasts are completed, they will be added in pdf format with the latest at the top of the listing. I would, however, recommend that you first read the retrospective article, 'Knowledge of the Moving Stars: an exploration of Astrometeorology - weather forecasting with astrology'. This will provide you with a background and also some expereince, alongside a little instruction into the craft of weather forecasting with astrology.



Knowledge of the Moving Stars: an exploration of Astrometeorology - weather forecasting with astrology



2008 prediction: Snow and the coming drought of 2011  



Hot Stuff: an astrological weather forecast from April 2009 to July 2010



Snow in southern England - the worst for 30 years ... Saturn's orbit time - 30 years ... 2009/10



Weather forecasting with astrology - general weather trends from 2011 to 2016  




I always construct an astrological weather forecast for the special tours I conduct within Stonehenge, at sunset and by Starlight. To find out more, please click here:  

Stonehenge tour at Sunset and by Starlight