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This section contains articles and papers which are freely available to all, and also, those which are free for subscribers.


Articles and Papers - David Charles Rowan




Astrology, Astronomy and Cosmology

Paganism and Esoteric Studies


Psychology and Language

History and Antiquity

Science and Technology

Ecology and Environment

Politics and Culture



MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology


MA: What impact do Astronomy or Astrology have on the culture and community of Avebury ?


MA: Do modern Pagans use Astrology ?


MA: Astrology and NLP: Working in Practice


MA: Dissertation: Can Astrology be used as a tool in Modern Applied Psychology ?






Msc Psycho-Social Studies



Msc: Is there a basis in neuroscience for NLP ?: reflections of my experience on the AES programme


Msc: A Place to Belong: exploring the relationship between Identity and Landscape


Msc: Forming an Attachment to Attachment Theory: a journal of an emergent understanding


Msc: What roles may discourse, narrative and literalism play in the making and resolution of conflict?


Msc thesis: Determinism and Agency in Affective Neuroscience: a Psycho-Social perspective



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Esoteric Studies






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Modern Applied Psychology






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